Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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 Special Tours:

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Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days

Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s and the particular flair. 

A journey back into the past century...


ORWW7 Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West"

Havana - Pinar del Rio – Vuelta Abajo – San Luis - San Juan y Martinez - Guane – Sumidero - Viñales - Cueva de los Portales - San Diego de los Banos - Soroa - Las Terazzas - Batabano - Güines - Matanzas - Yumuri - Playas del Este - Havana

Overview: Travelling in American Classic Cars of the booming 50s is the new/old travel feeling for guests who like to experience the feeling of the old times on Cuba. This trip leads you from Havana to West Cuba with its beauty of nature. 
The trip starts in Havana. We drive into one of the most beautiful landscapes of Cuba, into the province Pinar del Rio, the best tobacco growing area of the world. You will get to know Cuba in the same way as the travelling tobacco barons in old times - with a stop at a tobacco farm, a journey through the impressive Vinales valley and an overnight-stay at a charming finca - and of course in a spectacular classic car. Finally you will also conquer the imposing city Havana. With this oldtimer-roundtrip you will shoot your own nostalgia movie!

Travel Details

ORWW7 The Wild West of Cuba. Roundtrip in a Classic Car / Car with driver and guide

Short description of trip and services: (for more details please contact our office)

1. day Arrival in Havana. Transfer: Airport Havana - Accommodation Havana. Dinner

2. day Havana: 1 Night in Casa Particular/Private Accommodation, Double Room, Board: B/L/D.
City tour Old Havana (2-3 hours walk), Grand Havana Classic Car Roundtrip (5-6 hours)
Sightseeing: Capitolio, Tobacco Factory, Museum Yoruba, Museum Bella Artes, Museum de la Revolution, Castillo San Salvador, Plaza de la Revolution, Memorial Marti, Museum El Templete, Museum Nacional, Cemetery Colon, Villa Hemingway, Museum San Francisco de Paula, Visitation Jose F.

3. day Havana-Pinar del Rio-San Luis-Vuelta Abajo
Start Classic Car Trip through Cuba – Comfortable classic car with driver and English guide, Double Room, Board: B/L/D
Sightseeing: Tobacco Factory, Liquor Factory, Tobacco Finca (Lunch), Santeria Ceremony with dinner. 1 Night in Casa Particular in Vuelta Abajo,

4. day San Luis-San Juan-Guane-Vinales,
1 Night Casa Particular in Vinales, Board: B/L/D.
Sightseeing: Finca, Fighting Cocks, Arena, Horses

5. day Vinales-Cueva de los Portales-Soroa,
1 Night Casa Particular in Soroa, Board: B/L/D.
Sightseeing: Cueva de los Portales, Orchid garden Soroa, Waterfall Arcoiris, Swim Banos Romanos.

6. day Soroa-Artemisa-Batabano-Güines-Matanzas, 1 Night Casa Particular in Matanzas, Board: B/L/D.
Sightseeing: Coffee Plantation Angerona, Visitations in Matanzas, Cave Bellamar.

7. day Matanzas-Yumuri-PlayasEste-Havanna, 1 Night Casa Particular in Havana, Board: B/L/D.
Sightseeing: Slavery Museum, Castillo, Mirador. 


Please note:  

The participation at rides with private transports, like bici-taxis and oldtimers and the accommodation in Casas Particulares (private persons) is at own risk of the participants. 

Note: Changes and mistakes in the program, the offer, changes in due to unpredictable Euro-/Dollar-fluctuation, hotel accomodation and price are subject to change! Excursions and program sequence are subject to the weather conditions and the daylight, as well as to technical conditions.


ORWW7 - Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days

Cuba Exclusive Round Trip in a classic car with own chauffeur and own tour guide

 7 days and 6 nights (Classic Car Trip)
Begin of the roundtrip: daily ex Havana 
Guaranteed trip with a minimum of 2 persons
Each car maximum 4 passengers or maximum 3 passengers and 1 guide. 


Price as a private trip (no group roundtrip):

Price per person in a double room: from 1611,00 EURO


Included in the price:

- Service: 7 day roundtrip/6 nights exclusive trip in a classic car (or car/van)
- Welcome service at the airport and transport to the accommodation
- Minimum 2 persons
- With chauffeur and own tour guide
- Qualified English speaking guide and assistance
- Accomodation in Casa Particulares with breakfast
- Dinner in paladares, restaurants or casas
- Lunch as described in the program
- Excursions and visitations as described in the roundtrip-program
- Risk coverage certificate for the travel price

Not included in the price:

- Flight to Cuba
- Transfer ex/to the airport not according to the trip (please check with us)
- Overnight-stays outside the 7 day round trip program
- Extra-charges
- Costs for services not mentioned in the program
- Optional excursions and services
- Tip
- Drinks in paladares, casas, restaurants or at other places.
- Tourist Tax Cuba and Handing Fee (p.P. 40 EUR)
- Visum: 25 Euro - available from us
- Airport Departure Tax is already included in your flight ticket price

Note: Changes and mistakes in the program, the offer, changes in due to unpredictable Euro-/Dollar-fluctuation, hotel accomodation and price are subject to change!

Please note: If you travel for 3 oder 4 weeks, you can always book additional nights in a hotel (at a beach) with us. Please ask for our special offers for the dream beaches!

Tip: Book an additional island-beach-hotel, a dive package or a diving course!


All overnight-stays are in private accommodations, so called Casas Particulares


For flights to Cuba please search via a search engine in your country. 

We are pleased to book you a domestic flight. 

Domestic Flight:


VALIDITY FROM 01.11.2015 to 31.10.2016



One way

Round Trip

from/to Havana

Cayo Largo (airport transfer included)



Cayo Coco



Cayo Santa Maria



from / to Varadero

Cayo Largo (airport transfer included)





One way

Round Trip

from/to Havana

Santiago de Cuba









Nueva Gerona












Las Tunas






(Please consider rebooking and cancellation conditions for domestic flights in the trade terms)
Prices are subject to currency fluctuations
In case of a booking the information of nationality, passport number and date of birth are required.
Depending on the route, customers receive electronic tickets or vouchers from Cuba4Travel that 
must be exchanged at Havanatur in Havana against tickets.
In any case, a reconfirmation of the charter domestic flights is required upon arrival in 
Children up to 2 years 90% discount (with no claim to occupy a seat, without free allowance). 
Children 2-11 years 25% discount.
Passengers must be 2 hours before departure at the airport

* on flight route without remark no land transfer is included
* the YQ tax may lead to changes by the airline
* bookings must be made by mail using the model with the following data:
1 Name of the tour operator
2 Name of the traveler
3 flight number
4 departure / arrival
5 Date and Time
6 Hotel for pick up at the departure
7 Hotel at the destination
8 passport number
9 other comments

* the hotel pick-up takes place two hours before departure
* the average flight time to the Cayos is 55 minutes
* the child discount is available under the respective airlines

* up to 30 days before the flight 10%
* 15-29 days before the flight 30%
* 14 - 7 days before the flight 60%
* 6-4 days before the flight 80%
* less than 3 days before the flight 100%



About travelling in classic cars (CC=Carros Classicos)

All classic cars, which are established for the roundtrips, have a taxi license for the transport of foreigners. They all date back to the time before or shortly after the revolution (1954 - 1960). Thus they are older than 50 years. In Cuba it is very expensive and arduous to refurbish those oldtimers and arrange them for excursion trips. For that reason, the cars are conducted by their owners and are maintained and shepherd like museum pieces. The drivers are often hobby mechanics and tinkerers, who have refurbished their cars on their own. In the majority of cases the car is in possession of one family for already 3 generations. But the „carros classicos“, how the Cubans call them, are not designed for cross-country, but only for comfortable tours on asphalt streets. The experience of this 8 day roundtrip in oldtimers is to feel the flair of the booming 50s. At the rear bench seat of the wide American 3 people will find a seat. A 4th person, either participant or guide, is able to sit in the front next to the driver. 
Each car is occupied by minimum 2 participants plus guide plus driver and with a maximum of 4 persons plus driver.  
The owners of the classic cars drive the cars in slow pace, with proper distance in a convoy and always in the same order. For reasons of safety the guide drives in the last car. The drivers are all hobby mechanics and they now their cars. For the case of need, all drivers are connected by mobile phones. 

About the luggage limitation in oldtimers and the luggage storage in Havana:

The luggage trunk of the classic car is very big. Nevertheless, if the car is full with participants, it is only enough space for one sportsbag (soft material, canvas) each participant. There is a maximum space of 5 travel bags in each car (1xdriver+1xguide+3xparticipants).
Your "excess luggage" can be left in Havana in a Casa Particular (fee=1 CUC each suitcase). Your guide will organise this for you. On day 7 your roundtrip ends in Havana, where you can pick up your "excess luggage".  

About the transfers:

All transfers are organised with taxis (normally oldtimers), which are able to drive to Casas Particulares. 
The transfers at day 1 from the airport to your Casa Particular in Havana and the transfer from Havana to the airport at day 7 are both included in the price. 
All other transfers are possible on application and with extra costs. Please ask for it with the booking.  
Because all transfers need to go to Casas Particulares, it is necessary to book all transfers together with your roundtrip. 

Regarding accommodation in Casas Particulares (CP)

Every night, after the vintage car trips, you will find accommodation in so-called Casas Particulares (CP) (Private Guest Houses). All rooms have a separate bathroom including a shower and a toilet as well as warm water and AC. In many cases the rooms also have fans. Not all rooms have 220V power outlets (Careful with dry shavers or hair dryers that don’t support 110V – 220V!) and normally all power outlets are designed for American tabs or American 3-pin plugs (2 Flat, 1 round). In Cuba you can’t buy any power adapters, therefor you should bring them in your baggage. A simple flashlight or chargeable lamp, or even candles can be very useful in case of a power outage. In many cases the rooms have 1 double bed and 1 single bed. The rooms can be used as single rooms, double rooms and also rooms for 3 people. In case 2 single beds, instead of 1 double bed are needed for 2 people, or 3 single beds are needed, they have to be requested during booking. All reservations at Casas Particulares include breakfast. The landlords of the rooms mostly cook the tap water, which they offer as drinking water, and have it cool down in the fridge. Only the carbonated water which can be bought everywhere in green plastic bottles is completely safe. Towels are provided by the landlords and are normally replaced every 2 days. Because of the climate in Cuba, mostly only thin sheets and a blanket are provided instead of a thick duvet.

Regarding windows in Casas Particulares (CP)

In hot Cuba, fresh air from outside and open windows or even incoming sunlight means unwanted heat in the rooms for the Cubans.

Because of that nobody in Cuba likes to open windows and let the sunlight into the room unimpeded. For Europeans this is quite unusual, but if you want to experience Cuba in the most real and authentic way, you should try your best to understand these circumstances caused by the climate and adapt.

Windows in the Casas Particulares are often covered with curtains to not let the light, i. e. the heat in.

In many cases the AC was built into a window subsequently as cooling is a lot more important than windows that open in Cuba. The windows there are normally not made out of glass, as the moist air would only end up as condensation on the glass, but are rather only horizontally arranged wooden planks that can be tilted and opened a bit to let some cooler air in at night. In Cuba, windows function less as a means of looking outside but rather letting air flow through. This is unfamiliar for Europeans but it can’t be changed. Everything was adapted to the climate and is therefor accordingly convenient. Most travelers prefer accommodation in a town’s center for understandable reasons. Hotels in Cuba are mostly located outside the center. But with Casas Particulares it is easier to fulfill the wish to be accommodated in the center, which is a great advantage that CPs have over hotels. In most cases the CP is not a small house at a corner but is rather just located beside 2 neighboring buildings wall-to-wall. The only windows that let you look outside are mostly at the house’s forefront that faces the street. This is also where the living room and the balcony are located most times. The bedrooms that are rented out are usually inside the house with a simple window facing the backyard to let air in. The backyards are also usually designed and built in a way so they don’t let a lot of light into the rooms, which is for heat prevention.

You can expect windows with a good view over the landscape maybe in the countryside or in suburbs but not in Cuba’s cities’ centers. This applies especially for Casas Particulares in Havana’s popular city center.

Please note:

Participation in trips with private means of transportation like for example a Bicitaxi and vintage cars, as well as accommodation in Casas Particulares happens at the traveler’s own risk. Getting accident insurance coverage for abroad is recommended.

Please consider that you are in a tropical country, or respectively, on an island, and in the accommodations you might find all sorts of insects, geckos etc. commonly found in the country!

Our Tips:
-Don´t leave valuables, phones, laptops, cameras etc. in the car.
-Please bring good footwear for trips and swimwear for the beach

Travel Request


There is the possibility to go diving during or in connection with your trip. Please let us know in advance, if you would like to go snorkeling or diving and we will be pleased to assist you in finding the right choice.

Further information you can find at